Who We Are

Who we are ?

Who we are?


Arabian FAL was established in 1979 with a small workforce grown up to 5000 plus workforce, large fleet of equipment and infra structures and is accredited by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 working over 15 locations throughout Saudi Arabia, Arabian FAL provides various Industrial clients with a wide range of Services and supply of services, highly skilled industrial manpower and equipment.

Beginning in the late 70’s Saudi Arabia’s growth in becoming the world’s largest oil producer, Arabian Fal was a pioneer and key contributor to the large-scale infrastructure expansion, as well as a key provider of Services, manpower and Best Practices required to execute projects successfully for a variety of large industrial clients.

Today, Arabian Fal continues to deliver project execution excellence and technological value-adders for our clients across the country.

Arabian Fal specializes in solutions execution, with our delivery philosophy being the key drivers of our organization’s growth and vision.

We are committed, equipped and specialize in providing the following Best in Class services to the Saudi Arabian Oil & Gas industry: Site Development, Construction, Industrial Plants Operations & Maintenance, O&M for Community services in water, sewer & HVAC, Scaffolding Services, Industrial Cleaning/Hazardous Material Transport and many more services.

We take pride in providing professionals whom possess the skills, as well as grit and experience necessary to deliver projects in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Our management team ensures all clients with the best results in terms of: Cost, Quality, Safety and completion Schedule while adhering to all global quality and safety standards/norms.


We believe that safety improves quality (SIQ). Arabian Fal is able to offer quality services to its customers by putting safety first because it is more efficient to work in a safe environment. Our employees can focus on quality when they work in an organized, efficient environment, which reduces distractions. As a result, we achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction by providing safer working conditions for our customers and employees.


Arabian Fal is an industry-leader in both the promotion and adherence to the core concepts of localization. We have implemented effective localization policies within our workplace and constantly strive to exceed localization and IKTVA (In Kingdom Total Value Add) mandates. Arabian Fal is an industry-recognized sponsor of Saudi talent development and the creation of high-quality jobs for Saudi nationals.


Beginning with a clear definition of customers’ expectations, we strive to consistently meet or exceed them. We adhere to all applicable standards and customer specific requirements and endeavor to provide processes that ensure we achieve this in order to build a robust and world class business.

A Message from the Founder

Saleh Abdullah A Alsayed

Chairman, Arabian Fal

It is indeed my pleasure to introduce our company to you. Arabian Fal is a 100% Saudi owned company founded in 1979. We are recognized and certified globally in three Management System (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 14001:2015). Our relentless commitment to Safety, Localization, and Quality has been the cornerstone of our success since our inception.
Arabian Fal is one of the leading companies in the kingdom that specializes in providing general maintenance, resource supply services, facility maintenance services, and scaffolding services. As part of the growing industrial sector of the country, we are committed to the Oil & Gas, Power, Mining & Minerals Industries.
We will continue to pursue our Core Values and provide excellence in everything we do by adhering to all requisite Global Standards and industry Best Practices, in order to maximize customer benefits. To ensure that we remain one of the most sought-after contractors in Saudi Arabia, we will constantly look to innovate and incorporate technological methods to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and project delivery.
Finally, I want to thank all of our stakeholders, customers, partners, employees, vendors, and their families who have contributed to our successes.

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